About River Cities

Founded in 1994, River Cities Capital Funds is one of the most active and experienced growth equity funds in healthcare and information technology (IT). With nearly $600 million raised to date and more than 100 investments made, River Cities has established itself as a preferred partner among the entrepreneurial and private equity communities.

Recent Exits


River Cities seeks to invest in high-growth IT and healthcare companies that have a market-validated proposition. Our performance is driven by our ability to access, evaluate, consummate and build companies that can lead the transformation of specific market segments by pursuing large, established markets with disruptive technologies or service offerings that are significantly “better, faster, cheaper” than incumbent solutions.


River Cities’ multi-generational investment team has over 100 combined years of investing experience and several investment cycles working together. In their prior careers, the investment managers developed analytical frameworks through experience in operations, engineering, accounting, legal, strategic consulting and investment banking. The firm continues to attract top-quality talent with a team of 10 investment professionals, four of which were added since the close of Fund V. Increased capacity has resulted in substantially improved access to target opportunity set.  River Cities promotes a culture of operational excellence and a focus on continual improvement in all aspects of the business including strategy refinement, sales and marketing, investment decision making and personnel development.

More Than Money

River Cities participates as a trusted partner side-by-side with company executives to provide resources and services to maximize their time and efforts. We seek to be a business partner first and a capital provider second. We invest significant human capital to leverage what we’ve learned from our successes, as well as our mistakes during the course of our more than 100 investments.


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