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The U.S. healthcare services market is primed for the entry of disruptive, innovative business models and technologies that improve patient outcomes at a lower overall cost.  The healthcare services industry segment is generally defined as businesses that provide care through direct patient interaction or product distribution.

The political and fiscal complexity of the healthcare industry, combined with significant market gyrations from government regulation, create an ideal environment for new market entrants with access to capital.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) has set in motion a number of irreversible trends that will significantly alter many facets of the healthcare landscape. River Cities seeks to capitalize on this upheaval and invest in high-growth healthcare services businesses, managed by experienced healthcare entrepreneurs.

Target companies promote and enable consumerism in healthcare, cater to changing demographics with new medical technologies and approaches, shift clinical settings toward lower cost, more efficient care and facilitate new economic and service delivery models for hospitals and physicians.

Click here for a case study on River Cities’ portfolio company Inspiris.

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