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StepLeader Secures $4.4M in Funding With River Cities Capital Funds

StepLeader Inc, an industry leader in mobile app development and advertising sales for local media and college sports, raised $4.4M in an investment led by River Cities Capital Funds.

NICO Featured: New Device Eases Brain Tumor Removal

Dr. Ron Young, a St. Vincent neurosurgeon, successfully utilized NICO Brainpath.

Simbionix Announces License Agreement for Surgical Videos

Simbionix agreement with Duke University to license surgical videos and other instructional materials.

Valencia College Utilizes Sophisticated Simbionix Simulators in Their Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) Training Program

Simbionix provides Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) programs with training simulators that deliver a virtual reality experience for their students. Valencia College in Orlando, FL, utilizes this technology in their Allied Health Department’s CVT program.

Ifbyphone Delivers Industry’s First Solution for Marketers to Track Customer Calls in Google Universal Analytics

Voice-based marketing automation platform adds critical call tracking data piece to marketing analytics puzzle.

Sharing Infrastructure: Can Hadoop Play Well With Others?

A lot of big data/Hadoop implementations are swimming against the currents of what recent history has taught about large scale computing, and the result is a significant amount of waste. So says Univa President and CEO Gary Tyreman, who claims that established HPC tools are more than capable of driving value where big data workloads are concerned. This is where Univa’s Grid Engine resource management software platform adds value for enterprises wading into the Hadoop pool. Univa is seeing new revenues (approx. 6% of their total in 2012) by enabling their customers to run Hadoop in a shared infrastructure model, which ultimately saves them significant dollars in infrastructure and support costs.

GE and the NFL Partner with NineSigma in Head Health Initiative

NineSigma has announced the launch of the Head Health Challenge on behalf of GE & the NFL. Partnering up to accelerate concussion research, diagnosis and treatment, the Head Health Initiative aims to develop new solutions to help diagnose mild traumatic brain injury. This initiative includes two components: a four-year $40 million research and development program to determine the key imaging biomarkers in the brain, and a two-year open innovation program to invest up to $20 million in research and technology to better understand and diagnose traumatic brain injury.

NICO Myriad Featured on TNT Medical Drama Monday Mornings

The NICO Myriad is now in the hands of TV stars operating on a baby with a hypothalamic hamartoma who had laughing seizures. Sound familiar? The script mirrors the story of Nico Bastolla, who NICO was named after, and will feature the Myriad in an episode of the new TNT medical drama series, Monday Mornings.

The Medical Plastics M&A Surge is Just Beginning

Attractiveness of medical plastics processing assets is extremely high and heading higher. As a result, there is significant payback in investment in new equipment for American medical molders and extruders. Venture capital firms that have invested heavily in America medical plastics processing assets in the last five years include: Kohlberg & Co. (Phillips Plastics), Baird Capital Partners and River Cities Capital Funds (MedPlast), and KRG Capital Partners (Vention).

SEMDA 2013: A CEO’s journey is roller coaster ride of successes and failures

Just what does it take to be a CEO of a successful med-tech startup? What does the journey look like for a CEO that has made it through the process of taking an idea and building a product and business around it? Those questions were answered during the CEO Roundtable at the Southeastern Medical Device Conference (SEMDA), which included the CEO of River Cities Capital Funds’ portfolio company EndoChoice.

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