Lattice Engines, a predictive marketing and sales provider, has launched Lattice Atlas, a new platform designed to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to scale ABM programs and personalize sales and marketing efforts.

The platform is positioned to create a central hub that houses all customer data from internal sources and third-party websites. It then aims to enhance prospects in a target audience with external signals and perform lead-to-account matching.

Lattice Atlas is designed to segment target accounts and use AI to predict customer purchases and campaign performance within these segments. The platform aims to help marketers deliver enhanced campaigns that engage with audiences across various channels, including online, email, ad and sales. It is also positioned to let marketers review and manage sales performance, identify successful strategies and establish ROI.

“[Lattice Atlas] is a data foundation for marketers when it comes to helping them create one-to-one campaigns at scale,” said Nipul Chokshi, VP of Product Marketing for Lattice Engines, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Customers now have the ability to scale their ABM programs, so they can apply their ABM tactics to a larger number of accounts and different business segments, while at the same time being able to get campaigns out the door faster.”

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