Netsertive, which specializes in digital marketing intelligence, is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. In 2015, Netsertive had one of the larger capital raises in North Carolina with a $24 million Series C. River Cities Capital Funds (RCCF) led the round, joined by Babson Capital Management and Netsertive’s existing investors.

Here is the oral history of how Brendan Morrissey, CEO and co-founder of Netsertive, and Rik Vandevenne, Director at River Cities, got connected and put this deal together, starting with a fortuitous meeting at the 2010 CED Tech Venture Conference.

"Even if there was no investment opportunity, I knew that the RCCF group was solid and, as part of the tech/entrepreneurial fabric in the Triangle, it would be good to develop a relationship over time. Undoubtedly we would be running in the same circles and might be able to just help each other professionally, etc." - Brendan Morrissey

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