Leading innovator in the design of automated minimally invasive neuro and spinal tissue and tumor removal instruments.


How NICO’s BrainPath Approach & technology is ‘revolutionizing’ neurosurgery

Committed to revolutionizing minimally invasive neurosurgery, NICO Corp. disrupted the industry with a set of technologies and a standardized surgical approach that allows neurosurgeons to do the presumed impossible, while at the same providing impressive economic benefits to the hospital.

New Study Reveals Nearly $12,000 per Patient Economic Benefit for Hospitals Using New Technology for Brain Tumor Removal and Stroke Treatment

A clinically published non-disruptive approach to brain surgery using technologies developed by NICO Corporation has shown a greater than 50 percent average reduction in intensive care unit (ICU) length of stay for appropriate patients with brain tumors and hemorrhagic stroke.

Early Removal of Hemorrhagic Stroke Leads to Doubling Number of Clinical Trial Sites

The ENRICH (Early MiNimally-invasive Removal of ICH) randomized clinical trial launched in January this year, designed to compare the outcomes between early intervention of clot removal using the BrainPath Approach™ and the medical management standard of care, has doubled its trial site number due to growing interest in participation.

Keyhole surgery ‘a revolution’ in brain cancer treatment

New device that has saved thousands of lives in the US could double the number of British patients getting lifesaving operations.

NICO Announces CE Mark for BrainPath® Non-Disruptive Cranial Access Technology

“We’re very excited to be the first in the UK to offer this technology.”

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