Univa UD

Univa UD

Provider of software and services for high performance computing and automation of virtualized applications in corporate datacenters and MSPs.


Univa Announces Navops Command for Managing Enterprise Container Workload on Kubernetes Distributions

Enables enterprises to share compute resources and run containerized, micro-service based applications at scale.

Univa Corporation Named Top Vendor to Watch in 2013 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

HPCwire Awards recognize outstanding achievements in technology.

Univa Completes Acquisition of Grid Engine Assets, Becoming the Sole Commercial Provider of Grid Engine

As a part of the transaction, Univa acquired Oracle Grid Engine assets and intellectual property making it the sole commercial provider of Grid Engine.

Univa Partners with science + computing to Expand Univa’s Reach to Enterprises in Europe and Add Services to Univa’s Product Suite

science + computing to resell Univa’s full product suite including Univa Grid Engine to leading manufacturers and research facilities in key European markets.

Sharing Infrastructure: Can Hadoop Play Well With Others?

A lot of big data/Hadoop implementations are swimming against the currents of what recent history has taught about large scale computing, and the result is a significant amount of waste. So says Univa President and CEO Gary Tyreman, who claims that established HPC tools are more than capable of driving value where big data workloads are concerned. This is where Univa’s Grid Engine resource management software platform adds value for enterprises wading into the Hadoop pool. Univa is seeing new revenues (approx. 6% of their total in 2012) by enabling their customers to run Hadoop in a shared infrastructure model, which ultimately saves them significant dollars in infrastructure and support costs.

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