Veran Medical continues its rapid cadence of innovation with the introduction of a suite of new hardware, software and lung access products designed to continue to drive consistently higher bronchoscopy yields and the faster diagnosis of lung cancer. The earlier patients are diagnosed, the faster they can receive life saving therapy and improve chances of survival.

Lung Cancer remains the number one cancer killer in the United States. 94 million current or former smokers remain at elevated risk. More than 8 million people in the US currently meet the criteria for lung cancer screening. When suspicious lesions are discovered, patients need answers. But mounting clinical data suggests that a large percentage of the hundreds of thousands of bronchoscopies performed every year on suspected lung cancer patients are non-diagnostic—delaying potential life saving therapy.

Veran’s next generation SPiN Thoracic Navigation System™ offers an industry leading precision thoracic guidance platform that allows lung experts to seamlessly transition between a navigated endobronchial approach and a navigated transthoracic approach utilizing SPiN Perc™, to help physicians rapidly and definitively diagnose lung cancer. Published clinical studies utilizing a multi-modality approach, including Veran’s SPiN System™ and SPiN Perc™, have demonstrated a 92% system diagnostic yield.

Veran’s new SPiN Planning™ and SPiN Drive™ navigation software will offer a more streamlined workflow, increased procedural efficiency, and a better user experience with powerful graphics, faster computing times, more visualization options, and views that can be completely customized by any physician. New hardware features include touchscreen technology, wireless procedure controls—allowing support staff to control the system anywhere in the procedure room, faster import and export speeds, and new instrument ports to enable simultaneous instrument connections for procedural efficiency.

“Physicians tell us they want better control over diagnostic yields to expedite life saving therapy for their patients. They don’t want historical technology shortcomings to delay delivering appropriate therapy to patients who need it, “ said Veran CEO Jason Pesterfield. “Veran’s next generation SPiN Thoracic Navigation System™ directly address these challenges—like the ability to track moving nodules, account for patient respiratory cycles during procedures, ensure physicians always have visualization throughout a procedure, and reach the 40% of nodules that lie outside an airway.”

Veran is also introducing the SPiN Extended Working Channel (SPiN EWC™)—a catheter based diagnostic tool to reach elusive peripheral pulmonary nodules. The SPiN EWC™ is paired with Veran’s exclusive Always-On Tip Tracked® sampling instruments to ensure that physicians never lose sight of the target lesion throughout the entire procedure—including when they’re sampling. Unlike other solutions on the market, the SPiN System™ does not require the use of fluoroscopy.

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