Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, North Carolina's largest outpatient mental and behavioral healthcare provider, is launching its new MindPath Care Centers, effective July 31, 2019. The new centers are part of a strategy to lower the stigma associated with mental and behavioral healthcare and to prepare the company for growth both inside and outside of North Carolina. Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC will formally change the company name to MindPath Care Centers over time.

With the new brand, Carolina Partners aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental healthcare by removing the word "mental" from its brand and focusing on a healthy approach to "mindcare," rather than "mental and behavioral healthcare."  The MindPath Care Centers brand also reflects that, for many, mindcare is a journey. At the same time, MindPath Care Centers will focus on creating better access to mindcare and responding to high demand by opening new, larger local offices and expanding into new cities in North Carolina and beyond.

"We are very excited about this new branding and our approach to making mindcare as acceptable as primary care or dental care," says Jeff Williams, CEO of MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners. "We want to be a comfortable place for those who may already be seeking treatment, as well as those who may not know where to seek treatment or who are afraid to ask for help. We're also here to be our customers' ongoing resource in their mindcare journey, which is rarely a straight line."

"The term 'mindcare' generally applies to all things necessary for maintaining and protecting emotional, biological, psychological and social well-being," says Dr. Lawrence Greenberg, Chief Medical Officer at MindPath and Carolina Partners. "Comprehensive healthcare is the combination of physical care and mindcare. We believe if you treat the mind, the body will follow."

MindPath aspires to help people live a happy life and prevail through life's difficult challenges.

Carolina Partners is sending letters to patients and to referring providers about this change. Anyone with additional questions can contact Heather Daniel, Marketing Manager and Brand Launch Project Manager, at

MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare, PLLC is committed to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive outpatient mindcare to help people navigate life's challenges, whenever and wherever they need it. Our unique, collaborative care approach, whether through medical management or therapy, and the integration of the latest treatments and technologies ensures our patients receive the continuum of care required for optimal outcomes. Our services are delivered at more than 20 locations, through individual appointments, group sessions and our telehealth platform.  More than 160 providers within the company participate in most major insurance plans.

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