Netsertive, a digital marketing technology company enabling brands and their local retail networks to execute turnkey digital marketing at scale, today announced that client La-Z-Boy supported their local store network during a key promotional event using its MarketWise solution. One of the largest furniture manufacturers, La-Z-Boy is reliant on a network of physical locations to attract local buyers, including Great Home Galleries. Using Netsertive’s click-to-brick approach, the store converted more than 600 high-intent furniture buyers on its website during a holiday shopping weekend, driving an overall eight percent lift in in-store sales over the same period the prior year.

“Netsertive understands the complexities of selling through local retail channels, and the fact that we have to get it right,” said Gregory Pahl, Director of Marketing Effectiveness at La-Z-Boy. “MarketWise allows us to arm our retailers with localized, brand-compliant digital marketing campaigns and centralized support to ensure our retailers and promotions are showing up when and where consumers are looking to buy.”

Investment in technology to help brands drive alignment with local retail partners – and capture a multi-billion-dollar local sales opportunity – has never been more critical. According to Forrester’s recently-released Vendor Landscape: Location Management Platforms, which includes Netsertive, “The number of local searches on Google's platform has…more than doubled since 2014,” and “more than 88 percent of all retail sales will be made in-store in 2017.”

Our key takeaways from the report include:

  • Local partner discovery is critical: Most brand marketers have been slow to enable digital discovery, even as the lines between physical and digital retail have blurred.
  • Click-to-brick is essential: As mobile “near me” search and in-store sales continue to grow, a click-to-brick customer journey has become essential to driving local foot traffic.
  • Location management technology links brands with local channels: Location management platforms can help brands automate key retail location data, build landing pages, localize campaigns and target ad buys to drive retailer visibility in mobile- and web-enabled search.

“We’ve seen an explosion in the use of ‘near me’ searches by consumers looking for products and services locally, but brands are failing to capture this huge sales opportunity,” says Brendan Morrissey, CEO and co-founder of Netsertive. “A lack of expertise and resources are preventing local retailers from showing up online, so it’s up to brands to invest in turnkey technology that can eliminate these challenges and scale digital marketing efforts across their networks.”

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