Lattice Engines, a leading provider of revenue acceleration solutions, today announced the launch of its next-generation, AI-based segmentation engine to drive revenue and conversion across the entire sales funnel. With this new capability, sales and marketing get a single data hub from which to create segments and execute targeted campaigns.

Customers will now be able to create unlimited segments using a combination of the Lattice Data Cloud, which provides more than 16,000 attributes on 200 million companies globally, and their own internal data, including MAP/CRM data, transaction data, product usage data, support and service data, etc. The segments are then made available in company’s execution systems (e.g. marketing automation, CRM, or ad targeting platforms) to enable teams to run hyper-targeted campaigns across the entire buyer’s journey – from awareness to engagement to conversion to expansion. This will also help teams align with SiriusDecisions’ Next-Generation Demand Waterfall®.

„Merging AI, external data and a customer’s own internal data sources to create detailed segments is the only way for marketers to get an edge when it comes to driving superior customer experience,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO at Lattice Engines. „Marketing and sales can now create contextualized conversations with their customers that across the entire buyer’s journey — starting from generating awareness within a greenfield account, engaging and converting to a customer, ensuring they don’t churn and selling more.”

Some of the new capabilities and features of the platform include:

  • Segmentation UI
    • Provide AI-based recommendations on targets most likely to convert.
    • Provide common attributes that create an ideal buyer profile.
    • Create segments using a combination of external data from the Lattice Data Cloud as well as data from customer’s internal systems (including transaction, product usage, CRM, MAP, support/service, etc.).
  • Calculated Attributes
    • Derive new attributes for your customers and prospects based on data — for example, Lattice takes transaction/spend data and calculates month-over-month or quarter-over-quarter spend trends, that reps can use to determine a customer’s needs.
  • Dynamic Talking Points Authoring
    • Provide the ability for marketers to create tips or talking points for each segment to help sales reps in their conversations with prospects and customers. For example, teams can pull in additional data points about the lead or account such as company history, marketing campaign activity, executive changes, and even prior purchase history – all in one place to streamline the call prep process for sales.
  • Operationalizing Data
    • Decide which leads or contacts to send to sales and which to marketing based on lead/account/customer scores.

Best in class marketers maximize customer lifetime value by 1) combining their internal data with external data to create a 360-degree view of their customers and 2) use that view to build micro segments and hyper personalized campaigns,” said Kerry Cunningham, Sr. Research Director and Team Leader, Demand Creation Strategies at SiriusDecisions.

Lattice’s segmentation capabilities are currently in beta, and will be launched more broadly in 2H 2017. To learn more about how Lattice’s new platform will power the segmentation needs of data-driven marketers and help teams align their programs with the entire customer journey outlined by SiriusDecisions’ Next-Generation Demand Waterfall®, come visit us at Booth #105 at the SiriusDecisions Summit, May 16-19, in Las Vegas.

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