Dan Crippen Joins INSPIRIS Board of Directors

BRENTWOOD, TN – INSPIRIS announced today that distinguished health policy and financial expert Dan Crippen, Ph.D. has joined its board of directors. INSPIRIS is the solutions-driven care and care management company focused on improving the quality of life for the medically complex, chronically ill, frail and elderly.

Crippen brings unique expertise to the INSPIRIS board, having served from 1999 to 2003 as the fifth director of the Congressional Budget Office. Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will together represent 21 percent of the 2010 federal budget. During his tenure as CBO director, Crippen directed the development of data and models that attempted to shed light on the 5 percent of the population that was driving 50 percent of the total health care spend in the U.S. Programs that bolster continuity of care and help the chronically ill and frail elderly better navigate the health care system have been shown to both lower costs and improve care.

“I am pleased and excited to join the board of INSPIRIS,” Crippen said. “The people of INSPIRIS are engaged at the front lines of health and health care, working with patients who suffer from multiple chronic diseases. It is these patients who drive more than the majority of health care costs, and whose care and health must change if we are ever to get costs under control.”

INSPIRIS offers care models that cut across the cost and quality divide, using targeted care management for the chronically ill population and attention to care transitions to effectively lower costs and improve health care safety and quality. Across multiple markets, the company’s CarePlus program has proven to reduce acute care hospitalizations by 40 to 60 percent, while demonstrably improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Evaluations of INSPIRIS’ Transitions Program have demonstrated substantial reductions in the average rate of readmission for patients during the critical 30 days after a hospital stay. Nationwide, an average 21 percent of seniors and 10 percent of Medicaid recipients are re-hospitalized within this period, representing substantial cost and quality challenges.

“As the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation begins work in the coming months, we recognize that new delivery models will be evaluated for rapid deployment in the marketplace. The right leadership at both the management and board levels is essential to spotlight programs that reduce costs and improve care,” said Mike Tudeen, CEO of INSPIRIS. “Dan has gained a life passion for helping this country solve the problems of an inadequate health care system. He believes, like us, that providing the right resources and the right care to a vulnerable population can answer many of those problems. Dan is an incredible addition to the INSPIRIS board.”

Prior to his leadership of the CBO, Crippen was economic advisor and chief counsel to the Senate Majority Leader, and served in senior advisory positions in the White House and the U.S. Senate as an expert in the economic and health policy arenas. He served as senior advisor to the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and recently chaired the Quadrennial Social Security Technical Advisory Panel.

In the private sector, he was a principal with Washington Counsel, a law firm specializing in federal tax and health care policy. Since his departure from the Congressional Budget Office, he has served as chairman of a panel advising NASA on implementing changes after the Columbia disaster as well as serving on the Aeronautics and Safety Advisory Panel for NASA; worked with companies emerging from bankruptcy; testified before Congress and the Federal Trade Commission; and advised stock exchanges on the future of financial markets. He is a consultant for health care providers including developers of cardiac devices and bio-engineered pharmaceuticals. He serves on several boards of companies in the health care industry and conducts research on health care.


INSPIRIS is a unique provider-driven complex care and care management company focusing on improving the quality of life for the medically complex, chronically ill, frail, and elderly. Through its proactive, high touch programs, INSPIRIS offers proven solutions that improve the quality of member care while lowering cost for health plans. Founded in 1998, INSPIRIS, Inc. is headquartered Nashville, Tennessee and has over 375 employees nationwide, over half of which are clinicians. INSPIRIS partners with health plans covering millions of Medicaid and Medicare members. For more information about INSPIRIS, visit www.inspiris.com.

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