DialogTech Named Leading Call Tracking Software on Crowdreviews.com

CrowdReviews.com, an online platform for software reviews, has named DialogTech the leading call tracking software based on reviews submitted by users and clients of their software. The rankings are updated in a real-time basis based on new reviews and experiences posted by those using call tracking software. Those offering call tracking solutions are invited to CrowdReviews.com in order to compete within the rankings by claiming or creating their profile and inviting their customers to leave reviews.

The rankings on CrowdReviews.com are determined based on a transparent algorithm. This algorithm takes into consideration a number of elements including 5 primary factors which Providers can improve in order to improve their software’s placement within the rankings. These five factors include review strength, engagement strength, profile strength, reviewer strength, and verified status. Providers and customers alike can review the factors used to determine placement on the rankings at the link provided below:


CrowdReviews.com encourages reviewers to attach a LinkedIn profile when leaving a review in order to add additional credence to their review, allowing for visitors to ensure that a review was written by a real person. Reviewers are able to choose whether to attach their profile to a recommendation, or to leave a review anonymously. While the choice to leave a review anonymously is available, more weight is placed on reviews made by those which attach their name to their review. Others are able to leave a comment or ask a question to reviewers as well, enabling companies to communicate with reviewers.

To view the rankings of the best call tracking solutions visit: