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February 18, 2013

KnowledgeTree Makes Sales Teams Radically More Effective

KnowledgeTree today announced a new solution that helps sales and marketing teams uncover and leverage their best collateral. This suite of cloud-based tools helps sales teams discover collateral that closes deals; managers identify their most effective content; and marketing groups refine collateral to drive more sales. The solution includes a first: new functionality that automatically organizes collateral by business concept and surfaces impactful content – at the right moment – to sales teams.

Enterprise sales teams depend on effective collateral. Companies spend billions in time and effort creating collateral. In fact, marketing analyst firm ITSMA reports that collateral is the largest single component of marketing communications budgets. However, sales and marketing teams have no way to identify and reuse what works. That means that sales people use outdated and ineffective materials to respond to customers and prospects. And marketing doesn’t produce collateral that delivers revenue.

KnowledgeTree’s solution for sales and marketing teams manages the collateral lifecycle, surfacing perfect content in the right sales context to win deals, while providing insight so materials are constantly improved. That means that unsuccessful collateral is identified and retired, and winning content is recommended to sales teams and constantly refined to yield more revenue.

The KnowledgeTree solution for managing sales and marketing collateral helps customer-facing teams in several strategic ways.

  • Sales Teams Discover Perfect Collateral: KnowledgeTree’s new collateral discovery tools automatically categorize materials by business concept, like product, geography and more. The tools surface relevant and winning collateral to sales teams as they work. Now sales teams can find marketing’s new banking case study when building proposals for
    financial services prospects.
  • Sales and Marketing Managers Identify What Works: KnowledgeTree identifies effective sales material by spotting usage trends, managing feedback and uncovering collateral that generates revenue. This insight helps sales and marketing management put collateral that closes business into salespeople’s hands.
  • Marketing Teams Enhance Collateral: Marketing teams can use insights to eliminate ineffective collateral and learn how to improve their existing assets. Powerful tools for managing the editing and approval process means better collateral gets produced faster.

“Selling into the enterprise depends on great collateral. Old, ineffective and inaccurate materials mean lost business,” said KnowledgeTree’s chief executive officer Daniel Chalef. “KnowledgeTree helps surface and constantly improve the most relevant and impactful collateral. That means our customers unlock the value of their sales and marketing collateral, and dramatically increase win rates and revenue.”

The solution for sales and marketing teams, including the new discovery tools, is immediately available and included at no additional charge for KnowledgeTree subscribers. To learn more, visit, and access a free eBook on managing the collateral lifecycle.