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August 27, 2015

KnowledgeTree Uses Prescriptive Analytics to “Blueprint” Winning Sales Reps

KnowledgeTree, a market leading vendor of prescriptive analytics for sales and marketing teams, now helps businesses to replicate their most successful reps. The application analyzes how top performers use content to communicate with prospects; then distributes actionable “sales blueprints” to colleagues with similar opportunities.

Nearly all reps see content as key to their sales process, according to a KnowledgeTree survey. While the most effective reps know how to effectively use content to win deals, two-thirds of the average sales organization struggles to advance prospects.

KnowledgeTree’s recommendation engine analyzes successful deals to identify what content was used and when. It matches these sales blueprints to prospects with similar characteristics. Each sales person then receives customized communication plans via email with shareable content predicted to win for their sales situations.

“This fundamentally improves how reps use content to sell,” said Chris Atkinson, CEO of KnowledgeTree. “Today sales people are asked to leave their workflow, navigate some vast portal, and hope to choose useful content to share. With zero decision support, most reps struggle to emulate their top colleagues. Instead, KnowledgeTree proliferates best practices based on actual sales results – pushed directly via the most widely adopted tool for all sales reps: their email.”

The prescriptive technology analyzes shared content from any source – file sharing, content management, marketing automation, video, and other applications. It correlates content usage with won deals, and matches winning content to opportunities with similar sales dynamics and attributes.

KnowledgeTree’s recommendation engine grows increasingly effective each time content is shared. So best practices are quickly identified and blueprinted across the entire organization.

The prescriptive technology and sales blueprints are part of KnowledgeTree’s strategy to overcome the classic Sales / Marketing divide. KnowledgeTree’s prescriptive blueprints are now being extended to answer other critical sales questions like ‘How do I accelerate a stuck opportunity?’, ‘How do I upsell my existing accounts?’, and ‘How do I advance unconverted leads?’