Lattice Engines Launches the First Customer Data Platform for Account-Based Marketing

Lattice Engines, the leading provider of AI-enabled ABM solutions, has launched its next-generation platform called Lattice Atlas. The platform helps customers connect their data across all internal and external sources, create a single view of the customer journey, and centralize audience creation and measurement across all channels.

Marketing organizations struggle to scale their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs because each application they deploy has its own data, segmentation, activation and measurement modules. This has led to a fractured buyer journey because banner ads, social ads, emails and sales calls communicate different messages, which creates confusion. Lattice Atlas solves this problem directly by integrating all the application data into a single place and providing the ability to manage this data, segment on it, and activate it through open APIs.

“Informatica knows that creating an interactive and personalized buyer’s journey is critical for the success of account-centric programs. We’d seen previous success with Lattice’s other solutions and knew that the Lattice Atlas Platform would complement their best-in-class AI-based scoring engine to create automated, engaging campaigns across all of our target accounts. Our vision is to use Lattice as the AI brain that powers all next-best-action decisions,” said Steven Shapiro, VP of Digital and the Buyer’s Journey at Informatica.

“The features you need in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) will depend on your business, existing systems, and intended use. There are a few key considerations when evaluating CDP solutions for executing ABM programs, including a unification of all data sources, segment creation, campaign execution and predictions. A CDP connects existing systems to create a unified customer view that makes ABM possible. In a world that never stops changing, the power and flexibility of a CDP will help marketers deliver on the promise of ABM,” said David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute.

Unified Customer Data

  • Ability to easily ingest and aggregate all first-party data (e.g. CRM, marketing automation, web visitor logs, transaction history, product usage data, etc.) about your customers
  • Automatically append over 20,000 3rd party data elements from the Lattice Data Cloud – including firmographics, 3rd party intent, technographics, etc. – providing the marketers with a complete view of the customer journey
  • The first ever ABM Identity Graph – using its patent-pending AI-based Adaptive Match algorithm, Atlas automatically maps and organizes customer data hierarchically by account, buying center and contact.

AI-Driven Audience Creation

  • Configurable AI models to predict how likely a buyer is to convert, how much they’ll spend and when they’ll buy
  • Similarity-based models to find the next set of attractive targets
  • Next best action models based on past conversion history

Omnichannel Activation and Personalization

  • Atlas features native, pre-built apps for Marketo, Salesforce and Eloqua and REST APIs so that customers can publish and activate these audiences across all execution channels

Enterprise-Grade Governance

  • Manage compliance with regulations such as GDPR by automatically removing data about customers and prospects that have opted out from all campaigns or selectively for specific campaigns
  • Marketers can manage their brand reputation by assigning engagement thresholds and removing targets that are experiencing “marketing fatigue”

“The holy grail of B2B marketing is creating 1-to-1 experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. This is why the B2B world is so interested in ABM these days. In order to craft personalized experiences at scale, our customers need a data foundation to better understand their target audiences, and an execution platform to engage those audiences in meaningful ways. With Lattice Atlas, we now enable companies to engage their buyers with 1-to-1 omnichannel experiences, making B2B marketing as personalized as B2C marketing,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO at Lattice Engines.

The Lattice Atlas platform is currently in private beta and will be available publicly by the end of 2018.