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November 9, 2015

Netsertive Selected by Kia to Help Dealers Connect with Local Customers

Netsertive, a digital marketing intelligence company that brings brands and local businesses together to win local customers, today announced continued growth within the automotive vertical. Contributing to this growth, Netsertive was selected as one of six Kia Certified Website and Digital Advertising providers, a program that kicked off in September 2015 at the Kia National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Netsertive offers two comprehensive digital marketing solutions, MarketWise™ for OEMs and StreetWise™ for Automotive Dealers, both powered by Netsertive’s proprietary learning engine, which combines the company’s deep expertise in its target markets with the collective intelligence of the extensive network of brands and local businesses on its platform. With each new manufacturer or automotive dealership that is added to Netsertive’s platform, the technology gets smarter, allowing it to deliver tailored, industry-specific local campaigns at scale. The result is unprecedented campaign speed, performance and value to drive shared local digital marketing success. For Kia, with 775 dealers in North America, Netsertive provides big brand marketing to local dealers by arming them with instant co-branded content, turnkey brand compliance, automated funding and reimbursement and unmatched support for the top brands they sell.

Within the automotive industry, if a dealership is not found online, it is most likely not going to get the in-store traction needed to increase sales. Netsertive offers customized and localized campaigns incorporating everything from search, display, call tracking & recording, business listings, mobile and video advertising to advanced tools for ad retargeting and real-time analytics. Netsertive also provides digital marketing for new, used and fixed operations. A recent automotive study by Netsertive and Borrell Associates found that a full 65 percent of dealers currently utilize mobile marketing, mostly in the form of mobile-optimized websites and mobile search advertising (57 percent). Still, 68 percent of dealers consider their use and knowledge of mobile advertising to be competent or neutral, signaling a need for further education. When it comes to video advertising, the study found that auto manufacturers are missing an opportunity in digital video. While 61 percent of dealers use video in online advertisements, only 34 percent of manufacturers support the use of digital video with co-op funds. Overall, Netsertive’s complete offering allows dealers to generate new sales opportunities right away and lay the groundwork for sustained long-term sales growth.

“As Netsertive continues to be chosen as a partner of choice, it validates the role of local digital marketing programs for automotive dealers and manufacturers,” said Brendan Morrissey, CEO and co-founder, Netsertive. “We are honored to be selected by a major brand, such as Kia. It is a true testament to both the power of our offerings and our phenomenal team, and we look forward to the work we will do together.”

“Digital advertising is an important focus of our business to ensure that our dealerships are showing up in search and are using our brand-compliant assets to achieve success,” said Gene Black, National Manager, Digital Sales, at Kia Motors America. “Automotive shoppers average 19 hours of online research and will visit just one or two dealerships before buying. Netsertive will help us drive more sales with measurable, results-driven strategy designed to target those online consumers.”

Netsertive is a Google Premier SMB Partner. For more information regarding Netsertive’s digital marketing intelligence solutions for automotive, please visit: