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February 17, 2011

New Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Removal Tool Introduced to Neurosurgeons

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Indianapolis-based medical device maker NICO Corporation continues to progress minimally invasive neurosurgery by introducing the new 11 gauge NICO Myriad to neurosurgeons attending the annual meeting of the North American Skull Base Surgeons (NASBS). The device adds to NICO’s existing portfolio of products that provide neurosurgeons with more control during tumor removal and increased patient safety when working on or near critical brain structures, such as nerves and blood vessels.

“The Myriad 11 gauge eliminates many of the challenges neurosurgeons have faced for decades that led to inefficient tumor removal,” said NICO President and CEO, Jim Pearson. “The tool is particularly useful in removing difficult to reach tumors and dense or very fibrotic tissue that is hard to take out with manual tools. We believe the Myriad will lead to better surgical outcomes for patients, which is our ultimate objective.”

The Myriad is about the size of a pencil and is completely automated, operating without a heat source or ultrasonic energy. It can be used in open and endoscopic procedures where neurosurgeons use specially designed cameras and instruments to operate safely in areas deep within the brain, often with a very small incision or through the nose with no incision at all. The device has been used to successfully remove tumors located in areas of the brain and skull base that are otherwise difficult to reach.

“The new Myriad 11 gauge handpiece provides superior access for controlled skull base tumor resection, including acoustic neuromas, anterior fossa meningiomas, and other challenging tumors,” said Dr. Costas Hadjipanayis, Chief of Neurosurgery Service at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta. “The 11 gauge handpiece can remove fibrous tissue more rapidly with only a small increase in tip diameter.”

There are several differences the Myriad offers surgeons that make it revolutionary in progressing minimally invasive neurosurgery. Its slender design and malleable tip allow surgeons to operate through narrow corridors, its ability to function as scissors, suction, dissector and probe eliminate the need for several manual tools moving in and out of the surgical field and can significantly shorten operating time, and its surgeon-controlled variable aspiration provides for unparalleled control of cutting or shaving on and around critical structures without compromise to patient safety.

More than 300 physicians attend the NASBS annual meeting to learn about new technology advances in neurosurgery and gather scientific information related to the clinical management of diseases involving the skull base. The NASBS is a professional medical society that facilitates communication worldwide between individuals pursuing clinical and research excellence in skull base surgery.

More than 200,000 people in the United States and 2 million people worldwide are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year. They are the leading cause of solid tumor cancer deaths in children under the age of 20, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in male adults ages 20-29, and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in females ages 20-29. The Myriad device has clinical applications for both adult and children patient populations.

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