NICO Corporation Receives 2023 Pioneer in Technology Development Award

NICO Corporation is honored to receive the 2023 Pioneer in Technology Development Award from the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, a biomedical association founded in 2004 to break boundaries in the areas of brain mapping and intra-operative surgical planning and support trailblazers in science and pioneers in neurotechnology. The award was accepted by Jim Pearson, NICO president and CEO, at the 20th Annual “Gathering for Cure” Gala of the World Brain Mapping Foundation held in Los Angeles.

“This award represents 15 years of patent protected innovation and a relentless dedication by our small team of under 60 to put our technologies in the hands of today’s leading neurosurgeons, researchers and scientists,” Pearson said. “We continue to drive strong market adoption through a growing number of published articles supporting improved clinical and economic outcomes using our integrated system of technologies, and we remain a leader in modern neurosurgery through our unique surgical approach to minimally invasive brain tumor removal and hemorrhagic stroke evacuation and enabling breakthroughs in oncology precision medicine.”

The Pioneer in Technology Award is presented to trailblazing companies and their CEOs/presidents that facilitate the development of pioneering technologies through interdisciplinary approaches impacting diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare delivery in unprecedented ways. NICO is recognized for “inventing life-saving neuro-technologies.” Watch the video sharing NICO’s innovative system of technologies featured at the awards ceremony.

“It is important to highlight and recognize the work done by these pioneering colleagues because the public needs to celebrate scientists and their discoveries at the same level as artists and musicians,” said Dr. Babak Kateb, president of the World Brain Mapping Foundation (WBMF) and board chairman of SBMT.

NICO has led the MIS neurosurgical field for over a decade with its unique set of technologies that do not require traditional methods of cutting through the brain to access abnormalities deep below the surface, but instead use the natural folds of the brain as the pathway. NICO’s other technologies allow for safe removal of abnormalities or hemorrhages in a modern surgical suite, as well as biological preservation of tumor tissue for molecular profiling – enabling improved research and potential treatment applications for today’s precision medicine. Together, NICO technologies drive surgeon efficiencies and support improved clinical outcomes for patients.

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