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August 18, 2011

Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. Hosts Michigan Governor

MARQUETTE, MI – Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. hosted Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, his business development team, State Representative Matt Huuki and 25 local business leaders for a business roundtable on August 17th. A global company with headquarters in Marquette, Pioneer Surgical is a leader in innovative orthopedic, spine, and biologic medical devices.

The roundtable format gave small to mid-sized Upper Peninsula companies the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in Michigan to grow their businesses, hire qualified employees and navigate through the current regulatory landscape. Companies from the medical, mining, automotive, energy, tourism and real estate industries were represented. Also in attendance was Michael Finney, President and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Council.

“This was an excellent opportunity to have some quality time with Governor Snyder. We appreciate his continuing interest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula businesses and references to the quality workforce that we have here at Pioneer Surgical,” said Dan Webber, CFO and Treasurer of Pioneer Surgical, who also participated in the event.

About Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. is a dynamic medical device firm founded in 1992. Pioneer’s focus on innovation has resulted in over 120 U.S. and foreign patents, with numerous patents pending. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic, spine and biologic systems. Pioneer entered the orthobiologics market with two acquisitions in 2007. Their Orthopedic, Spine and Biologics divisions produce state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions for surgical procedures that in the past have proven difficult or problematic for both surgeons and patients. Pioneer employs more than 270 people worldwide. For more information on Pioneer and its products, visit

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