‘Reborn’ Cincinnati Seeks Deeper Relationship with Israel

Excerpt from The Times of Israel BY DAVID SHAMAH

A group of 40 top business and civic officials, including River Cities’ founder Glen Mayfield, from the Greater Cincinnati area expect to be in Israel next week to promote the city as a place for Israeli companies to do business. Like other suitors of Israeli start-ups and established firms, the Cincinnati delegation are set to inform Israeli firms of the advantages of setting up sales offices, research centers and headquarters in the United States. Like the other US states and cities seeking Israeli business, members of the delegation will proclaim their region as one of diversified business activity, good investment potential and home to a dynamic, entrepreneurial vibe that suits Israeli companies.

That’s what all the Start-Up Nation’s suitors say, but it may be more true for Cincinnati than for many other places that make the same claims, according to US experts who study business environments. In a recent articleThe New York Times proclaimed Cincinnati as a newly reemerging “hub of civic and economic vitality,” that its “capacity to attract new residents and jobs reflects several converging market trends,” and that it has “a business core that is thriving.” The paper added that “decades of decay are giving way to a new era of dynamism in the Ohio River’s big cities.”

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