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November 29, 2012

Univa, Archimedes Enable Data Modeling of Disease Cycles

Univa, the Data Center Automation Company, today announced that Archimedes, Inc. has chosen Univa Grid Engine, the industry leading distributed resource management platform, to operationalize a mission critical Hadoop application. By using Univa software, Archimedes reduced operating and deployment cost by 50 percent. Archimedes, an organization that crafts mathematical models of human diseases and interventions, is using the open-source Hadoop platform and Univa’s Grid Engine distributed resource-management platform to power its mathematical modeling software.Through Univa’s Grid Engine unique and scalable solution, Archimedes was able to operate its Hadoop application on its current compute infrastructure, without the need to add additional resources or hardware.

“Up until the time we had big data analytics, research using healthcare data took a significant amount of time and effort to analyze,” said Katrina Montinola, VP of Engineering at Archimedes. “The volume involved with big data is immense, and with the advancement of mathematics and computers, we are able to make analytical connections between data points, which may have otherwise been overlooked or minimized. With Univa Grid Engine, the complex analysis being completed by Archimedes’ solutions can be done quickly and made available to researchers and physicians in a convenient format that is informative and efficient.”

Archimedes, takes publicly available clinical data and uses it to answer complex, vital healthcare questions for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Archimedes developed new software called Aggregator, which is associated with the Archimedes Healthcare Simulator (ARCHeS) solution allowing correlations between data points and events, providing researchers and other health care practitioners with valuable information that allows them to turn data into decisions faster than ever before.

The ARCHeS Aggregator was built using Univa Grid Engine and the open-source Big Data solution, Hadoop, a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. A bottleneck occurred within Archimedes when loading the data that came out of a simulator into the Archimedes Outcomes Analyzer. Archimedes needed a scalable, reliable solution that could handle the exponential growth the company anticipated, and therefore turned to Univa.

Archimedes leveraging of Univa Grid Engine resulted in the following:

Cost Savings:

 •$62,500 – $125,000 in capital expenditure equating to up to a 50% saving.

•$125,000 in operating expenditure including storage, office space, IT support and electricity

 •Negate the need to invest in a separate cluster to run Hadoop

Scalability and efficiency:

•Optimize the use of existing servers and computers

•Easily scale with no additional costs


•Allow scheduling policies to apply to all computing jobs, ensuring jobs were handled in order of priority

 •Eliminate the risks associated with open-source software and looking to Univa for support.

“Archimedes is showing the medical world how to use Big Data to solve real medical problems, both at an individual and national level by comparing a person’s electronic health record with various risk factors,” said Gary Tyreman, Univa CEO. “Univa Grid Engine is enabling organizations to unleash the power of Hadoop framework without the heavy costs associated with buying a new cluster to cater to its needs”

More details on Univa Grid Engine can be found at

About Univa Corporation

Univa, the Data Center Automation Company, is the leading provider of automation and management software for computational and big data infrastructures. Our products and global enterprise support give our customers the power to manage their entire computational space, no matter how big or where it is deployed. Many of the leading brands in the world depend on Univa’s unsurpassed expertise, and premier services and support. Univa is headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA, with offices in Markham, ON, Canada; Austin, Texas, USA and Munich, Germany.

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