Major trends in healthcare – including the move to value-based care and the focus on population health management – are prompting the healthcare industry to focus on delivering more coordinated patient care, which has become more difficult due to the surge in data hacks and other security threats. Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to comprehensive tools that allow all members of a care team to communicate and collaborate securely. As a result, PerfectServe, healthcare’s most comprehensive and secure care team collaboration platform, today shared that it experienced rapid growth in 2015, expanding its user base to approximately 58,000 physicians – or one out of every 13 physicians in the U.S.1

“Doctors, nurses and other clinicians are demanding better tools to help support collaboration with care team members. It’s not enough to be able to text one another, or to communicate within the EHR,” said Terry Edwards, CEO of PerfectServe. “Clinicians need a holistic platform that can enable the communication-driven workflows that are part of the myriad care delivery processes. This means they need solutions that can automatically identify and provide them with an immediate connection to the right care team members regarding patient updates, consult with their colleagues, and share protected health information securely.”

In 2015, PerfectServe worked with many new hospitals across the United States to provide clinicians with its advanced care team collaboration solution across their enterprises. In total, these new deployments added more than 8,000 new PerfectServe physician users – a 30 percent increase.

The company also experienced 100 percent enterprise customer renewals.

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