With the launch of TheBeaconMap.com, brands, retailers, and beacon manufacturers themselves can view beacon installations across the United States. Visitors to the site can explore the interactive map and search for beacons by business name.

TheBeaconMap.com represents data collected by Reveal Mobile. Their technology, an SDK (software development kit) that sits inside hundreds of apps across the United States, effectively crowdsources beacon locations. The SDK detects, places, and classifies publicly broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy signals that match Apple’s iBeacon or Google’s Eddystone protocol. Reveal Mobile also partners directly with beacon manufacturers and agencies to source beacon information, and is open to additional partnerships.

Since the company began collecting data in early 2015, Reveal Mobile detected over 1.7M unique beacon signals. From that large data set, the company located and classified over 100,000 beacons using its patent-pending algorithms. These classified beacons populate TheBeaconMap.com.

Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile, points out that “2015 was primarily a year of experimentation with beacons, but we still saw large scale deployments across the country. Retailers plan to invest heavily in beacons in 2016 with a two-tiered strategy. They will continue building out real-time, location-based marketing tactics to drive user engagement.”

“We believe that the most sophisticated companies will go a step further. They’ll see valuable data based upon beacon interactions over extended periods of time to measure audience, behaviors, and advertising attribution. They’ll also recognize the need to reach a bigger audience beyond users of their own mobile apps. Striking partnerships with media companies and app publishers will help them achieve greater scale, drastically improving the return on investment of their beacon deployments ”

When asked why they’re sharing this data, Handly remarks “Having a global database of beacons is a very unique data set. We found ourselves frequently sharing the numbers with customers, beacon manufacturers, and the press. We’re comfortable presenting this data publicly.

When you visually see the amount of beacons deployed, it’s eye opening, even though we’re only reporting on a subset of the overall market. It’s not possible for anyone to detect and classify every beacon.

Putting the dots on a map makes a bigger statement, and helps educate the market on how quickly beacon adoption occurred”.

For more information about TheBeaconMap.com or to inquire about a data partnership, email info@revealmobile.com.

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