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The Training Center of AIS Channel is a new educational system for surgeons in formation, composed by a variety of courses dedicated to diverse pathologies such as esophagogastric, bariatrics and minimally invasive techniques for colon diseases.

The taTME course is the first of this modality, it was created with the purpose of training colorectal surgeons in the transanal approach for rectal cancer and proctectomy for ulcerative colitis. The last one was held this september providing theoretical knowledge and “hands on practice” in cadavers, during the live surgery demonstration Salvadora Delgado and Marta Jimenez performed transanal endoscopic microsurgery for a case of T1N0 rectal cancer.

Some variations were used, the most useful was the AIR Seal iFS® from SurgiQuest, an intelligent insufflation system that provides stable pneumorectum and continuous smoke evacuation. Salvadora Delgado said “is amazing how the rectal lumen stays stable with almost none smoke in the surgical field”, similar to the opinion of the surgeons that prove it in the cadaver dissection. This innovative device may represent a solution for a common drawback during the transanal resection.

In the video you can appreciate the difference between using the AIR Seal iFS® or not, watch it and make your own opinion.

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Fifth year medical students practiced bimanual examination, speculum and IUD placement using the Simbionix PELVIC Mentor simulator from @SurgicalScience.
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