J. Carter McNabb

Managing Partner

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Carter joined RCC in 1999 and leads the Firm’s medtech investing practice. He has been instrumental in setting the firm’s healthcare strategy and establishing the credibility within the medical device vertical.

Previously, Carter worked in marketing and business development for Home Technology Healthcare, a comprehensive home healthcare company offering nursing, DME, infusion therapy and hospice services. Home Technology Healthcare was private equity financed by Continental Illinois and acquired by Integrated Health Services in 1997. As the 1998 recipient of the Bradford Fellowship for achievements in corporate finance, Carter worked in equity research at J.C. Bradford & Co. while attending business school at Vanderbilt.

Carter has achieved numerous highly profitable exits in healthcare services and medical technology, including Suros Surgical Systems, Bolder Surgical, Accelecare, SurgiQuest, OrthoHelix, Invivodata, PerfectServe, TissueTech, Standard Bariatrics and Orthoscan. He currently serves on the boards of Q’Apel, Nico, OrthAlign, Spineology, Theragen and Catalyst Orthoscience. Carter is also an independent board member of UC Health, the largest academic medical center in Southwest Ohio.

Carter holds a BA in Classical Studies from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) where he was awarded the James Goodwin Prize, the oldest academic honor at the college, and received his MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Carter enjoys art, music, windsurfing, golf and carries both US and Canadian passport….at all times.


"RCC is a team player constantly providing positive collaboration and support. The firm provides insight from their years of healthcare investing and invites you to their network of industry peers, which can be a real difference maker."

Jason Pesterfield

Former CEO, Veran Medical

"RCC is a knowledgeable, industry-focused team. Firm but fair. Very resourceful and always willing to help. Carter McNabb (RCC Managing Director) is a smart and engaged team player that always had our company's best interest in mind. He was always willing to participate as not only a Board member but as an individual contributor when ever necessary. A true partner."

Kurt Azarbarzin

Founder, Surgiquest

"RCC history and expertise in working with growth stage companies proved invaluable in the formative years of PerfectServe. While our strategy shifted to better meet market dynamics, the team at RCC was always there as a source of encouragement and business development. They made strategic introductions to some of our earliest hospital clients, contributing significantly to our growth. The people at RCC are creative, constructive and straightforward. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them as my business partners."

Terrell Edwards

CEO, PerfectServe

"What makes RCC a trusted and valued partner is their strategic guidance and support of management during the inevitable difficult periods. In my estimation this separates a good investor from a great one."

Rob Morocco

Former CEO, OrthoScan

"RCC was able to recognize our opportunity earlier than their competitors, run an efficient due diligence process that did not impact our ability to focus on our business while bringing in investment partners that improved all our chances of success. In my book, RCC, is the definition of a true partner that added much more than financing to our company."

Jim Pearson

CEO, NICO (also former CEO Suros Surgical)

"RCC led our Series B round and took a Board seat. Throughout the due diligence process and term negotiations, RCC demonstrated their knowledge and experience in medical devices and specifically the markets Bolder Surgical was active in. Their counsel and support during our growth phase were invaluable in guiding our leadership team and our ultimate successful exit. I highly recommend RCC to any company seeking growth capital."

Robert Kline

CEO, Bolder Surgical